Club history

Look back at Jazz Club Gajo

Jazz Club Gajo was born in 1994 to a very successful jazz drummer Drago Gajo, his wife Petra and 2 older siblings Nina and Ana. Since the beginning and even before the actual birth, Gajo club was one of the biggest desires and wishes of Mr.Gajo. He has spent his lifetime playing, improvising and learning all there is to know about jazz music and other jazz fellow enthusiasts. His jazz journey took him to places far and beyond, to new jazz discoveries and jazz feelings. Once firmly back in his hometown Ljubljana, Gajo made his dreams come true. Looking for the right location, perfect place and suitable space where jazz sound would travel gently into every jazz lovers ear, he opened the door to the jazz club in Ljubljana. The name says everything, it is the family name and the logo is Gajo’s personal signature.

Why is the opening of this small, but precious jazz club so important? The importance is huge, simply because there was never a single jazz club in Slovenia before, not like this one. There have been poor attempts to play jazz music elsewhere or to host event or two for jazz musicians, or sadly jazz musicians would perform while some other event is going on, and they would only be a background music.
But this jazz club Gajo was designed to be like every traditional and classic jazz club, Gajo has seen around the world. Where Jazz is the main character, and listening or playing is the only activity. Where you come to improvise on the open mic, play your very own solo, and just be a part of Slovenian Jazz.
Later on, Gajo offered the stage to anyone who had a creative voice, from poets, painters, and actors. Jazz Club Gajo quickly became the one place you just have to go to and enjoy deep conversations with different minds and enjoy jazz.

In 2010 Jazz Club Gajo received an outdoor addition. As seasons change so does jazz. Gajo opened a second place few steps away from the original cradle of jazz, called Jazz Gajo Garden, open mostly for summertime. As a famous song goes Summertime, and the livin’ is easy, so are days and nights at the Gajo Garden. This amazingly beautiful space under the trees and romantic lights is definitely the best place to cool off in the summer heat and cozy up while jazz sounds are played at nights. Another success story when it comes to jazz and his legend. Gajo is the one person who knows how to keep Jazz alive, small steps make a big impact, and we are extremely proud how far we have come…and the rest they say it’s history.
Come, visit and be a part of our Gajo history.

Memorable Performances

From 1994 until now, here is just a few memorable events and performances on our jazz Gajo roster:  Clark Terry, Sheila Jordan, Berry Harris, George Cables, Woody Shaw, Terence Blanchard, Mark Murphy, Arturo Sandoval, Boško Petrović and many many more.